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Prestige is a theme that gives to merchants who want to bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to their design. and creating a trademark

What is Shopify prestige theme?

Shopify prestige theme styles
Shopify prestige theme

The Prestige theme is one of the most premium paid themes on the Shopify theme store. It offers a high-end and luxurious design to highlight your brand and products.
This theme, which is a sophisticated development and design studio in France and an expert Shopify. They have also posted other popular themes on the Shopify theme store, including brands, Kagami, Focal, and Warehouse. Among them, Prestige is the most popular topic with more than 340 reviews.

Shopify prestige theme styles

The prestige theme offers three different styles for users to choose from: Allure, Couture and Vogue.


Allure Style has a very modern and somewhat classic design with a white smoke background. The fonts used, which show a clean and modern look.


Couture also has a minimalist style. But with a brighter color, couture may provide softness and comfort to customers


Unlike other styles, it comes with a colorful design.

where is the prestige theme Shopify used

With the style of minimalism, focusing mainly on high-quality images of large size, Prestige is suitable for cosmetics or stores specializing in luxury and expensive items.

If your store is not specialized in luxury and expensive items, do not be sad, in fact, there are many stores that use this subject for a variety of purposes, and not just for fashion or expensive products.

Where can buy Shopify prestige theme

can buy Shopify prestige theme in the Shopify theme store 

Shopify prestige theme price

in the Shopify theme store for $320 USD, which is the price of all themes in this store. You will also not have to pay any additional fees after purchase. They will provide you with lifetime customer support once you purchase their theme.

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